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My husband and I are a 2-person show, and everything you see at Gray Acres has been created, cared for, and grown by Tyler or myself. In the off season, I am usually prepping for the next growing season, sitting by our fire with cats in my lap and cup of hot water with lemon (no, I’m not 80).

I seek to serve my clients with beautiful floral harvests. Tyler and I share our harvest with our community because it is our small way of making the abundance and beauty of nature available to many.




When I’m not busy working the flower fields, you can catch me trying to train my mini horse (he’s got his own agenda on the matter), scratching the goats between the horns and taking the dogs on trail adventures!


If you’re interested in learning more about me, here are 5 things you may not know:

My day job is not flower farming, I actually work with my husband running his small business.

My favourite flower is ranunculus

I got my first goat because my husband was allergic to dogs… now we have 2 indoor cats
and 2 dogs (I take full credit for curing him of his allergies)

I love training my dogs. My Duck Toller and I are actively involved in agility!

Because we adore our livestock rescues, we have been inspired to practice a
plant-based lifestyle at home and on the farm!


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