Welcome to Gray Acres! We are a tiny flower farm selling for our local Langley Community Farmers Market, as well as a small oasis for our resident herd of livestock. 

As you check back in with us on the regular, you can expect blog posts on animal care, farm updates during growing season, select plant-based recipes and educational tips on all things farm related! I've also created this platform as a space to share my day-to-day, providing insight into the world of keeping goats and chickens as pets and growing for market.



Ultimately, Gray Acres is a destination for rural lifestyle inspiration. In a society where we place so much value on the next epic adventure and great escape, our farm seeks to share with you that adventure and fulfillment occurs in the day-to-day. We live for today, savouring the simple tasks that make our day uniquely ours. The smell of freshly ground coffee; the chickens clambering for their breakfast; the goats with the never-ending curiosity; the cats with the never-ending naps.


The beauty I see occurs in the day-to-day. For our guests, Gray Acres is a place to stop, simplify and recognize the moments that are most often the most fleeting. This is our world, but we want to share it with you so you can recognize the beauty that exists within your own. Everyday. In the most simple of ways.

Welcome, I so look forward to sharing more of our world with you.