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our flower farm

Closed for the 2019 season

Thanks for checking us out! Our flower farm is a huge part of Gray Acres, and is such a tangible way for me to connect with you! Unfortunately we have had to close our sales for the 2019 season.

While we won’t be able to sell this year, you are welcome to continue to follow Gray Acres Provisions on instagram as we continue to go about tending to the animals and the gardens.

Visit the flower page to learn more


Our Story

Hey there! I’m Jen, owner, founder and boss of Gray Acres, my tiny farmstead oasis!

Most days you can find me tending the Gray Acres gardens and hanging out with our resident livestock herd. My husband and I are a 2-person show, and everything you see at Gray Acres has been created, cared for and grown by Tyler or myself.

Our farm is not just my hobby: my farm is my life,
my therapy, and my passion.

My husband and I pour our lives into creating this little piece of heaven on earth, and this is what we seek to share with you.

Read more about me here!


The Flowers

Looking for affordable, wholesale flowers for an event (wedding, engagement, birthday part, etc)? I sell them by the bucket!
Interested in picking your own? We offer u-pick at the flower farm by appointment during the Summer.

Get in touch for more details!


The Furs

Learn all about what it takes to have a hobby farm full of pets.

We have goats, chickens, a miniature horse, and more!


The Farmhouse

Our home, our haven – discover plant based recipes and design inspiration.


The Getaway

One of our dreams is to be able to host people on our farm. Stay tuned as we explore what this could look like.


we believe in local

I want to inspire others who want to grow into gardeners, or simply have a desire to have a small pot of herbs on their patio.
I seek to educate anyone who wants to learn about the realities of caring for animals, and what running a hobby farm actually looks like (hint: it’s not just sunny afternoons of goat yoga).


Even if you have never touched a pitchfork or shovel, I hope you become inspired to get in touch with
nature in whatever way that speaks to you. Whether it’s buying fresh produce at your local farm stand,
visiting a local farm, or starting your own small garden.

Welcome to Gray Acres, I am so happy you're here!